Love Outdoors? Love Utah!


When visiting Utah, there are no dull moments, as the State offers a variety of activities that will surely keep you busy and active. From Salt Lake City to Saint George, below are the top 10 activities for the best outdoor adventure Utah has to offer. Read more great facts on hotels in orem provo utah, click here.

1. Skiing and Snowboarding – Utah was bestowed as having the best snow on earth when it hosted the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Snow this good as it got famous worldwide should pique your interest! There are several resorts in Park City and northern parts of Utah to choose from. Find out for further details on best restaurants provo utah right here.

2. Mountain Biking – The off-raid trails in the wilderness and national parks in Utah, is very suitable for beginning and advanced bikers. The biking adventure can be done on snow, rock, or anywhere else. Utah offers numbers of races and festivals for variety of bikers.

3. Outdoor Hiking – With the numerous numbers of mountains that Utah has, it is an ideal location for hiking. Be awed by the sunrise view at Timpanogos Canyon. Hiking trails are everywhere in every location in Utah.

4. Rock Climbing – There are many spots in Utah that is perfect for rock climbing, it was even featured in several famous Hollywood movies. The most popular locations where many rock climbers go, are found in the southern part of Utah, however, there are also numerous canyons that are 5.6 or higher.

5. Sports Fishing – With the huge number of lakes in Utah, besides Great Salt Lake, these are spots that are perfect for fishing. The numerous lakes in the southern region of Utah is an ideal spot for trout fishing, however, Provo provides the best fly-fishing spots.

6. Camping – From Big Cottonwood Canyon to Zion’s National Park, there are many ideal spots for camping with your family either with your RVs or tents. With the many varieties of camping areas Utah has to offer, one of the best might be on the shores of Lake Powell.

7. Golfing – Utah also has many numbers of golf courses for its visitors, but the most beautiful one is found in Utah’s Thanksgiving Point Golf.

8. Horseback Riding – You can find various trails best for horseback, one of the beautiful trails can be found in the Alpine Canyon. If you have no experience at horseback riding but you really want to try it out, you should check out Homestead Resort that are offering easy rides.

9. Boating – To those who want to chill in the lake and go for boating, Bear Lake is best during summer season. There are also great boating spots at Utah Lake, and further south the Lake Powell.

10. Caving – If you really want to go exploring, you should check out the various caves at Utah valley, or go for a tour in the beautiful caves in Timpanogos.Go all out in cave exploring as there are a lot caves left unexplored. Please click this link for more great tips!


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